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Get ebike Funded in Japan
Rocket-Start ebike 
in Japanese  
"A global team of digital marketing experts help your ebike reach to trend-conscious, influential consumers in Japan,
a country with a population of 125 million.

In addition, Good Shape designs electric bikes and electric small 4-wheelers from concept, manufactures them in China, and sell them in the global market."
"Good Shape leads you to explore Japan "
A Different Country Means Different Tastes

Whenever dealing with marketing to a new country, different preferences are always a pain in the neck for global marketing managers. 

Our digital marketing experts remove these boundaries and make Japanese markets accessible for your great products. Here at Good Shape, your products meet great digital marketing strategies. We execute the marketing plans necessary to overcoming the various trade barriers and intuitively reach the hearts and minds of our local customers with your product messages.


Know the Locals, Know the Competitors


We first arrange a session with test users so they can try out your product, allowing us to find out how they react to it and take note of both their positive and negative responses. Additionally, we analyze your local competitors’ marketing strategies. This step is essential for increasing the probability of a successful launch.


Pre-launching Arrangement

We organize a digital marketing team for your product to conduct extensive "pre-launching" SNS marketing. By doing this, you can increase the success rate of your launch by laying the groundwork before the big day. This way, we ensure the response to your launch is high from day one.


Launch Through Crowdfunding


We launch your product on a crowdfunding platform in Japan based on the program. This includes media contacts, SNS announcement, and PR.


Expand through ECOMMERCE



We leverage the success of your crowdfunding campaign to further expand customer acquisition through ecommerce, Amazon, retail and distribution partners.

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