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eBike of Future & NFC Based Solutions

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電動自転車 eBikeのグッドシェイプ


Futuristic Stylish eBike ZORO.

When all decorative touches are stripped away, a supreme form is created that will move your heart. You can feel the future coming.

eBike of Future is Here

camo2 FOLD(3).1269.png

Rigid and stylish, it allows you to enjoy a comfortable riding experience in any environment, from city riding to outdoor camping.

Stylish Outdoor Gear.


It is the pinnacle family eBike with the minimalist concept that is the central idea of Good Shape in its DNA.

Top Notch

eBike of Future & NFC Based Solutions


Go out with your pet! Cute electric bike for easy shopping!

The Dog Bike


A vintage motorcycle that needs no words at all.
An exquisite form that instantly captivates the viewer
An aura that makes passersby stop and turn their heads
It envelops the rider in a sense of groove and stylishly transforms them.

The Authentic Vintage Bike 


Connect with friends and future lovers
Connect with Customers
Connect with your guesses
Connect with your favorite brands

Enjoy the "Connect" experience!




GoodShape is a high-tech start-up company dedicated to the development of the next generation of new mobility and a new communicating and e-commerce platform based on NFC (near field communication technology).

We Create the Brave New Future of e-Mobility &
NFC based Sollution of

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