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Good Shape is also instrumental for your post-funding marketing.

Launching does not stop at crowdfunding alone. Launching is only an initial phase of business expansion to come. 


Good Shape is committed to play the role of expansion phase agent for your product suits and brand building


We help you build multi-channel product distribution networks, which includes e-commerce of your own, e-commerce platforms, as well as major mass merchandisers with many stores in Japan.


To expand your business overseas, SNS marketing is now a must. We will first conduct a demand analysis of potential customers for your product and plan your SNS marketing strategy. We offer a one-stop service, from promotional videos and website development to SNS marketing strategy development, to meet your objectives. We support the entire marketing process, from content planning to advertising distribution on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.



We Do:

Web Building
Video/Image Shooting
Copy writing
Email Marketing
SNS Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization

and More...

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