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What kind of crowdfunding platform will you use for the launch?

We will mainly use Makuake and Campfire, two of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Japan. Both platforms support many projects in various industries.

What is the scheme for consulting and service fees ?

We do not charge any fees for launching your product in Japan. All PR and related costs before and after the launch, as well as crowdfunding platform usage fees, will be taken care by us. We will be provided with exclusive distribution rights in Japan and discounted wholesale prices for your product distribution by us. This will ensure our own sales revenue.

What preparations do I need to make for the launch campaign?

You will need to send us a complete set of product information, digital content, and certificates. You will also need to send us a sample of your product for our launch campaign.

Is the communication in English?
We promise to communicate smoothly in English.

Do you support applications for governmental and other certifications?

Yes, we do. Depending on the type of product (e.g., products with batteries or wireless functions), product certification may be required. In order to meet local requirements, we can explain in detail how to obtain product certification along with a "proposal for partial product modification" if necessary. We will also support you in applying for certification.

What is your customer support and after sales service like?

Good Shape understands the importance of your brand. We provide customer support in Japanese for all crowdfunded products by us. We will also work closely with your support representative in your home country.


For further questions, please contact us.



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