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Launching a product in Japan can have its challenges, and sometimes they are hidden.

As the third largest GNP market in the world, Japan is a very attractive market in terms of size and quality and should not be overlooked. The fact that western business practices are the norm in Japan also makes it an essential market for new product launches.

On the other hand, Japan just happens to be a market that requires solid and careful due diligence before a launch. Even if the product is excellent, there are many cases where the product cannot be brought into Japan without modification due to Japanese laws and regulations.


This is where Good Shape comes in. We conduct thorough due diligence prior to the crowdfunding campaign by making inquiries to public support organizations for import and export in Japan. We also make inquiries to regulatory authorities in the form of documents.


Good Shape
​Navigates You.

Step 1: Getting to Know Your Company and Your Products
This is the stage where we first learn a lot about your company's business strategy, strengths and product appeal.

Step 2: Due Diligence
We review all certificates to ensure that the product can be legally sold in the Japanese market. Any necessary functional adjustments will be discussed between the two companies for consideration of countermeasures.

Step 3: Content Provision and Evaluation
We will ask you to provide us with your digital contents along with your products. Then, we will evaluate whether it can be used effectively in Japan. From there, we will carefully select those that can be used, and we will translate, edit, redesign, and copywrite them. We will produce what you need before finally performing a certification evaluation to ensure that the product can be legally sold in the Japanese market.

Step 4: Conclusion of Exclusive Agent Agreement
We will clarify the responsibilities and cost sharing of both companies for the implementation of the crowdfunding campaign. We will also finalize the profit-sharing scheme for the campaign results. The duration of the sole agent will be flexibly considered by both companies.

Step 5:  Pre-Campaign PR Activities
We will create a landing page around the production of a video targeting the Japanese market. Furthermore, while utilizing Facebook ads and other SNS, we announce the product even before the crowdfunding and build a lead line for fans to come to the crowdfunding site and purchase the product with enthusiasm. In this step, we also hire YouTubers.

Step 6: Finalize the Campaign Schedule with the Crowdfunding and Start the Campaign
We determine the launch date and set up a dedicated crowdfunding website for the campaign. Finally, you are ready to be seen by a large number of unspecified supporters. We will announce the start of the campaign the day before it begins and right before it starts. It's show time!

Step 7: Start PR Activities

At the same time as the launch, we will distribute an original press release to gather media contacts and spread the word about the product launch.

Step 8: Delivery to Supporters and After-Sales support

Once the campaign is successful, we will execute the pre-planned delivery of the products to the supporters. We will continue to provide customer support for any questions or concerns regarding our products.

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